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“From the first call Toby has been great to work with.  …Toby and his team walked me through the process and answered any questions I have had.

They also suggest many things that would improve my site to make it stand out…really know their stuff. Most impressive is the quick response time and how friendly they are.”

If it’s WordPress, we can help.

Learn how to leverage your website to produce real dollars for your business.

If you business isn’t on Google’s Map, then it doesn’t exist.

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Trusted By:

Lavender Media: The Midwest’s premiere source for LGBTQ news.

Reel Lawyers: The Premiere Source for Lawyer Help Videos in the U.S.A.

Simon & Schuster: A premiere publisher of books.

Greater Twin Cities United Way: The premiere results-driven non-profit in the Twin Cities.

Summit Salon: The U.S.A.’s premiere source for stylist and salon consulting & training.

WordPress Design & Development in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Hi, I’m Toby Cryns, and this is my family:

Bringing joy to these wonderful, unique people is my reason for working.  (Cheesy, I know!)

The way I am able to continue bringing joy to their lives is by bringing joy to your life.

Give Me A Chance To Bring Joy To Your Life

+ If you think “joy” and “website” cannot go together, give me a chance.
+ If you are fed up with digital headaches and want to throw in the towell, give me a chance.
+ If you think “fun” and “business” cannot coexist, then give me a chance.

I promise my approach to your business will be refreshing!

Read on to learn how I can bring joy to your digital life.

SEO Security & Protection

Fact: Most small businesses’ biggest website asset is not their website.  It’s their SEO.

I’ve see it often – a website owner fails to make required updates to WordPress software, themes, and plugins.  And the next day, their site is overcome with Viagra ads!

Invariably, Google will blacklist your site – and that’s when you’ll hear about it.

Not good for anyone.

Don’t be that person.

Your website is a critical lead-generation, marketing, and sales tool for your business.

We Make It Simple For You To Protect Your SEO

Our SEO Security proven process makes sure your valuable leads don’t see Viagra ads both on your website AND in Google results.

All of our Website Amazing members receive our SEO Security & Protection service, which includes:

  • SEO Audit
  • Technology Audit
  • Speed Audit
  • SEO Analysis
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Nightly Backups
  • Monthly Validated Upgrades to Protect SEO
  • Website Security

Contact Us to secure your investment today!

Website Amazing: The Most Joyful Digital Experience You’ve Ever Had!

An amazing website delivered fast, supported always, and built using the world’s leading website technologies…And that’s just the start!

Truly Empowering.

We empower you with the understanding, background, & technology to make the best decisions for your business.  Things that are hard to find anywhere else like:

  • Phone conversations with people you know who can help you immediately.
  • Unlimited support.
  • SEO, Social Media, & technology training when you need it.
  • Digital sales pipeline support.
  • Website know-how, website security, website SEO, etc.

Human Conversations When You Need Them

“How do I add a photo to my website?”
“Why is that link not working?”
“Can you fix my menu?”
“Should I be posting more to Facebook?”

Whatever your digital question, Toby is here for you.

Email on the fly or call when needed.

Business Focus

We pay attention to the things that move the needle on your business: sales leads, experiences, customer communication, email design, content strategy, etc.

Working with you from conception to completion and beyond, you’ll enjoy working with us, or your money back!

Minneapolis – St. Paul WordPress Experts

We’ve been doing this in for over a decade, and we’ll be here for another decade!

With Website Amazing, you’ll finally have the lead-generating, performant, headache-free website that gets you the results you need for success.

1-on-1 In-Person WordPress Training Workshops!

You have a website, and you have questions.

It’s intimidating, you’re afraid of “breaking” your website, and/or you need additional skills to fully-utilize your WordPress investment.


Join hundreds of local small-business and non-profit leaders who have met with our own Minneapolis WordPress guru, Toby Cryns, to build their confidence and increase their value to their business.

Toby’s 1-on-1 In-Person Customized WordPress Trainings In Minneapolis – St. Paul will have you singing praises, or your money back!

WordPress Classes In Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

See all of our WordPress Classes in Minneapolis & St. Paul.

If you have questions, contact us OR schedule a quick phone conversation with Toby.

We’ll Get Along Great If…

  1. I check my ego at the door.
  2. I help people answer big questions & solve problems (I don’t bring solutions – you’ve got the answers, we’ve just got to bring them out into the light).
  3. I own my work (mistakes, successes, happy accidents, all of it).
  4. I believe in shipping work quickly, iteratively, and often (rather than long “waterfall” processes).

If we share the 4 values above, you’ll like the way we work.

Empowering Non-Techies Since 2003.

Non-Techie-friendly. Small-Business-friendly.  Woman-friendly.  GLBTQ-friendly.  Minority-friendly. Baby-boomer-friendly.

Just plain old friendly.

We respect you, your experiences, your expertise, your opinions, your values.
(And we expect the same in return.)

Toby Cryns is our founder, a 10+ year WordPress pro, community-builder.

If We Aren’t a Perfect Fit, We’ll Tell Ya.

We aim for quality over quantity in all that we do.  That includes new customers.

Customers that are a great fit for us include:

  • Small and Mid-sized businesses with marketing teams who need ongoing support for important initiatives (website launches, landing page conversion campaigns, etc.).
  • Small and Mid-sized businesses who need security & ongoing tech support for their websites and humans.
  • Small and mid-sized non-profits that need security & ongoing WordPress support.
  • People & Organizations with growing businesses who need digital guidance & tech support for their blog, email marketing, and other digital.
  • People & Organizations Looking For The Best In-Person 1-on-1 and In-Person Group WordPress Training Workshops.
  • Growing e-commerce businesses who need ongoing support with website security, website improvements, etc.
  • Small and mid-sized businesses that want to work quickly, iteratively, and collaboratively.
  • Businesses that just want things to work properly without a lot of headaches & overhead.


We know we can’t be all things to all people, and we’ve learned…

We Aren’t a Great Fit For:

  • Corporations with net-60 payment policies.
  • Businesses that want to control, dictate, or change our Proven Processes.
  • Companies that want to dictate payment terms or want to alter our products to fit their specific use case.
  • Companies that don’t value our why.


We hope you’ll experience joy in our work together, but we also know that we mess up from time-to-time.

In those times, we encourage you to be frank and forthright in your feedback so our people can learn from our experiences (and we’ll give you the same courtesy).

Schedule a free, no-pressure, quick phone call to start the conversation.

Our Perspectives Are Fresh.
Our Opinions Are Different.

We are here for you in a humble, human way. Let’s chat about your ideas.

Your SEO is your most-valuable website asset. Secure it or risk the worst.

WordPress Redesign & Relaunch, or Build From Scratch. We’ve got you covered.

WordPress Hack Cleanup & Guaranteed Hack Protection at an Affordable Price

We’ll help you turn your WordPress website into a valuable sales tool.

We’ll help you turn your WordPress website into a valuable sales tool.

Speed, Security, Peace-of-Mind. Don’t fall victim to low-class infrastructure. Know you are getting the best-in-class with our Platinum WordPress Hosting.

Your SEO is your most-valuable website asset. Secure it or risk the worst.

Experience You Can Count On

With more than 30,000 downloads from the WordPress plugin directory, we’re your local WordPress superstars.

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