Small Business Owner

Pivot & ReTool

You’ve paid your dues in Corporate America, and you are now ready to do the work of your dreams.

We guide you through the digital wilderness & empower you to start something amazing!


Empowering Your Digital Success

We help you discover & amplify your strengths.

Our relentless focus on YOUR business success will clarify your objectives, generate more leads, and give you the tools to close more deals.

We help you launch & sustain your business

We Support You With:

Impactful, crisp websites that build trust, build your business, and convert.

We’ll help you choose an SEO partner or sometimes even recommend you invest your dollars elsewhere. 

Launching your website is just the start.  We’ll help you curate the perfect suite of digital marketing tools to help you grab leads and convert them into paying customers.

Stop Worrying About Technology

Your customers & clients are using technology that you haven’t even heard of yet.

We stay on top of your website technology so you don’t have to.

Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops: You’ll never lose a lead due to faulty technology again.Should you be on Twitter?  Facebook? Youtube?  No 1-size-fits-all solutions here.  We’ll help you sort it all out and make the best decision for your business.

We’ll help you craft the perfect digital marketing & sales workflows that convert and make great use of your time & dollars.

Converting visitors into leads requires some human intervention.  We help you make sense of your website data so you can craft a compelling experience for your leads.

We believe in the power of email marketing and will guide you through the wilderness and help you make smart choices around your email toolset.

Case Study: Lume Deodorant

“The Mighty Mo has been a great addition to our team.

Rene responds very quickly to requests and Toby asks great questions that challenge us to improve our site and business.

Toby is a natural teacher – always explaining why and how. They have a genuine interest in the success of our business.

Their energy, passion and values have made them and excellent partner!”

(via Verified Google Reviews)


Why we are different

Web & digital products for every small business owner who needs a fresh start.

We empower YOU to retool & pivot your career. 

Case Study: Matt Wilhelm BMX

“I’ve worked with Toby and The Mighty Mo! for years.

Super knowledgeable and he always has great ideas that I would never come up with on my own.

Most importantly he always answers the question “Why?” He always has the user experience in mind, and thinks of what works best and will make the most compelling site.

He is also the nicest guy and super fun to work with. In today’s digital age it’s rare that you get someone on the phone to walk you through the ins and outs of the tech world. Thanks Toby and The Mighty Mo!!!”

(via Verified Google Reviews)

Verified Google Reviews:

I highly recommend hiring Toby’s MightyMo! services. Toby is a delight, provides smart solutions, and keeps finding ways to help us improve.

Toby is knowledgeable, professional and stands out as one of the best in his profession. I am so grateful to be working with him. I love the fact that he calls/emails me back the same day! 🙂

Toby is a real pleasure to work with. His easy going style combined with depth of knowledge and broad experience is a perfect combination. If you get the chance, hire Toby for your next project (or better yet, hire him to mentor you!)

I was so impressed with my experience with Toby – a highly knowledgeable WordPress developer/designer and an easygoing personality. He answered my questions completely, but more than that, introduced things to me that will help our business grow and become better. I recommend him very highly, and I look forward to working with him in the future!

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