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Your Website Prototype

The Old Way

Remember that old-fashioned “assembly line” design process Henry Ford used on the Model T over 100 years ago.  It revolutionized the industrial world!

But it’s not so good for building websites.

The future is here, but, unfortunately, most web designers are using this antiquated assembly line to build websites, design logos, etc.

As the car manufacturers have discovered, the single biggest problem with building a something using an assembly line process is that to swap out an obviously-wrong thing late in the process is extremely-expensive and time-intensive.  Just ask Tesla Motors how much their relatively-small computer glitches late in the process cost them!

The web industry is futuristic in many ways, but, unfortunately, most in the industry are locked into 100-year-old assembly line processes.

The Website Prototype: An Agile Design & Development Process for Websites

Agile design is here to stay, and, like the assembly line before it, whole industries are being transformed by it!

Our Website Prototype is delivered to you quickly utilizing our custom, time-tested-yet-always-evolving agile design & development processes.

Our process guarantees that design or functional changes late in the website launch process will not cause serious delays.

You deserve an opportunity to give real feedback on the real site (not just feedback based on an image that was shown to you).  Trust me, clicking around on a real, functional website is entirely-different than looking at a fancy image of what your website might look like.

So many people have launched websites only to discover too late that they forgot something important.

Our Website Prototype Proven Process takes care of you by enabling you to give critical feedback late in the process.



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