Is Your WordPress Configuration Losing You Leads?

“We’ve done all the basic SEO stuff and even wrote some articles, but our leads haven’t increased.” – actual lunch conversation with a potential user of our products.

What if you are doing everything right, but you areĀ still not seeing SEO results?

Google might be penalizing you due to a faulty WordPress configuration.

With all sorts of moving parts on the content-creation side of your website, wouldn’t it be nice to know you’ve got someone to understand and look after after the tech side of your SEO as well?

Tech things like html markup, pushing the right content to Facebook, and making sure the search giants properly-understand your website are all things we know inside and out.

Don’t Let Your Slow Site Cost You Valuable Sales

Google ranks your website on many factors – both content and technology.

A speedy, mobile-friendly site will rank higher than a slower website, all things being equal.

To achieve your fastest website possible, you need to connect all sorts of dots behind-the-scenes.

There’s no one-size-fits-all, and it takes trial and error to get it right.

Have you done everything you can on the tech side to make your site load quickly and securely?