Shopify Backups

As you know, Shopify guarantees they’ll never lose your data. They complete periodic backups of all sites and data, in conjunction with a comprehensive security protocol, both physical and infrastructural. If anything were to ever happen, you can rest-assured that they’ll have the contingencies in place to keep your site up.

The Scary Limits of Shopify Backups

As you know, Shopify backs everything up, but they cannot restore any of your store, blog, page, etc data for you, in the event that a member of your team (or God-forbid a disgruntled employee) accidentally deletes stuff from your store (i.e. “I accidentally deleted 1,000 products!”)

In these cases, Shopify recommends the Rewind app which backs up all that content and makes it easily-restorable. 

Above: Rewind’s $9/mo plan is all most stores need, as it covers up to 200 orders per month. So if you sell fewer than 200 orders per month, bite the bullet, pay for their $9/mo plan, and you can stop reading here. 🙂  If you make more than 2,000 sales per month, then read on.

Shopify Backups for Stores That Have 2,000+ Orders per Month 

If you have more than 2,000+ orders per month, the Rewind prices leap quickly – to more than $299+/mo once you reach 8,000+ orders/mo!

Above: The Rewind app will cost you at least $299/mo if your store has 8,000+ orders/mo.

Rewind Backups vs. Our Shopify Backups

This is where our Shopify Backups service comes in. For a low monthly fee, we’ll make catastrophic backups of everything on your Shopify site. Some important differences between our backups and the Rewind app backups:

Our backups are for worst-case scenarios and are not directly restorable to Shopify. There’s no 1-click restore option.

We don’t store images (you need to keep those in Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).

Our backups are for backing up product descriptions, prices, blog posts, menus, html, javascript, etc.

We back up the front-facing/html side of your store, and at no point connect to your Shopify store directly. Therefore we cannot back up hidden pages, unpublished products, hidden products, etc. But if it has a public url we can back it up (which is most-likely every single page on your website). If I can open up my browser and see it without entering a password, then we can back it up.

Rewind is for routine, restorable backups. Our backups are a great failsafe backstop and affordable solution for all types of Shopify stores. Our service isn’t a replacement for Rewind’s service – it’s apples & oranges. Where affordable, I always recommend Rewind + our Shopify backup service. But in cases where Rewind is prohibitively expensive, I definitely recommend our service if you can’t afford Rewind’s backup service.

Our backups are for post-apocalyptic scenarios where you (or a disgruntled employee) deletes a bunch of stuff. This is a worst-case backup when everything else fails.