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Speed Up Your WordPress Site With a Few Clicks of the Mouse!

This is the simplest way I’ve found to speed up your WordPress site, make it more secure, and ALSO add some nice-to-have features in the process.

All with only a few clicks of the mouse on your existing WordPress site!

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6 Quick Website Wins You Can Achieve Today!

FYI, This is a quick summary of a longer and more in-depth article that can be found here. 6 FREE & Quick Digital/Business/Website Wins You Can Achieve Today! Get a quick, cheap website from Google via Google My Business. Local SEO via Google My Business: It’ll...

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The Definitive Guide to Google Analytics for Beginners!

I have been looking for a beginner-ish Google Analytics guide for a long time. Ya know...a guide that tells you how to make use of Google Analytics rather than just how to set it up and look at total visitors (spoiler alert: knowing how many people visited your...

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Are You An Artist, Architect, or Craftsperson?

If you aren't getting the results you expect, it might be because the way others see you is different from the way you see yourself. Here's a quick read about one starting place for defining yourself and the work you deliver.

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