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4 Questions I Ask My Google Ads Agency Every Single Week

I’ve wasted lots of money by asking the wrong questions of my Google Ads agency (or sometimes no questions at all!). We business owners can’t rely on others to ask the questions – we pay them to ANSWER the questions, not ask them. Here are my 4 questions I ask my Google Ads agency every week.

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Slow WordPress Site Costing You Sales?

"It takes 10 seconds for my WordPress site to load!" a frantic business owner says on our initial phone call. It's a common complaint. Is your slow site costing you sales? This might seem obvious, but if you don't know definitively that your slow website is costing...

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WordPress Loading Slow

Your WordPress site is slow. I get it, and I can help.  🙂   There are lots of places to start troubleshooting this sort of WordPress slowness. One thing I often do to combat website slowdown headaches is utilize Cloudflare. About Cloudflare Cloudflare is...

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Why You Need to Get on the Google Map

"How do I get more clients for my business?" a friend recently asked me. The first thing I do in response is to search Google for the most obvious keyword. For example, here's the search result on the iPhone X for my business for the most obvious keyword, "wordpress...

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