WPMUDEV is a neat site that offers all sorts of plugins for free and for $$$. Unfortunately, any time you install one of their plugins, it throws a super annoying “nag” message at the top – even if you buy the damn thing!

Up until recently, the Remove WPMUDEV Dashboard Install Nag plugin removed those annoying messages; now it doesn’t for some reason…

Rather than hack around in the plugin trying to figure out why it no longer works, I thought I would implement a simpler and more future-proof solution by throwing some “display:none” css in the admin header like so:

// Remove WPMUDEV's annoying dashboard nag
add_action('admin_head', 'remove_wpmudev_shit');
function remove_wpmudev_shit() {
  echo '%MINIFYHTML1527656c42216aa17b2da7730bc88f3318%';


UPDATE: I created a plugin for this: https://github.com/themightymo/remove-wpmudev-nag