Project Assessment

Maybe you’ve been here…  You send an email to a bunch of web developers asking for a bid on your project.  The bids you get back range from $400-$40,000 (not even kidding)!

What are you supposed to do with that info? How are you supposed to make a decision?  How do you evaluate the good bids from the ridiculous ones?  What is a fair-market price for your project?

The purpose of our Project Assessment is to:

  1. Help all parties better-understand the goals of the project.
  2. Identify the specific deliverables, implementation strategy, and budget required to achieve goals.

Project Assessment vs. Project Proposal

Project proposals and bids are inherently flawed. They are designed to provide enough detail and jargon to impress prospective clients while not giving away any information that is actionable.

The problem is that without the technical details of the development process and deliverables, you have no idea what you are paying for, which makes it impossible to assess or compare bids in any meaningful way.

Unlike proposals, our Project Assessments provide a complete blueprint of your WordPress development project.

The Project Assessment document gives you the details you need to direct the development process and avoid major scope creep issues.  It also empowers you to take charge by spelling out the technical details you’ll need to compare bids and, ultimately, get the work done for a fair price.

While we are often able to complete the development work for you, we also encourage you to use your Project Assessment to shop around—now that you really know what you’re looking for!

Step One: Research

  • Identify KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Identify and outline technical requirements
  • Competitor analysis
  • Traffic analysis
  • Hosting analysis
  • Backup analysis
  • Security analysis
  • Design audit
  • SEO report, if applicable (competitive analysis, local SEO analysis)

Note: The research stage will require at least one meeting with the client.

Step Two: Prepare Recommendations and Implementation Strategy

  • Considerations
  • Design approach
  • Website feature sets
  • WordPress dashboard setup, if applicable
  • WordPress install, if applicable
  • WordPress code, if applicable
  • SEO approach, if applicable
  • Security
  • Plugins
  • 3rd-party Integrations
  • Backup and maintenance
  • Design priorities
  • Hosting requirements
  • Backup and upgrade plan

Step Three: Project Assessment Report

  • Detail recommendations outlined above
  • Detail timeframe and cost estimate/breakdown

We will deliver the project assessment within two weeks of completion of the research (step 1) phase of the process.

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