Never Be Embarrassed beccause Your WordPress Team Missed the Deadline (Again)

“I’m going to miss my deadline because my stupid web team never answers the phone!” – actual quote from a friend over beers.

How amazing will you feel when that ugly bug on your company’s homepage is fixed before anyone notices?

We know that ugly things mysteriously appear on websites – broken slideshows, misaligned text, spelling errors, broken images, etc.

Almost all of our work for you gets completed within 1 business day. Often sooner.

You’ll never have to tell your boss, “It’s getting fixed,” because it’ll be fixed so fast, she won’t even notice it’s broken!

Never Feel Abandoned & Alone in the Digital Wilderness Again!

“My web team is has dropped off the map!” – actual conversation I had with a friend.

“I was stuck with a broken website and nowhere to turn.” – real quote from someone who was looking to become a customer of The Mighty Mo!

When you have to put so much of your trust in others, it’s easy to feel abandoned in the digital world.

I’ve heard time and again that the #1 reason people choose to work with us is because of our availability.

We are there for you when you need us most.

Phone, email, text.  We will be there for you when you feel stranded.

You can’t put a price on your safety.  And safety is exactly what we are selling.

Feel safe next time your website crashes, because we’ll jump on it.

FACT: 99% of our customers’ website-down emergencies are  fixed within 20 minutes.

Feel safe the next time your website has a broken page or feature.

We fix broken WordPress things quickly. 

Not only are we experienced, all of our internal business processes are built with calmness in mind.

We build breathing space into our daily schedules so that we can jump on your website emergency when it happens.

So next time your website crashes or you discover your SEO has been hijacked, know that we will jump on the issue and work our butts off until it’s not only fixed, but the cause is discovered and we put a fix in place to avoid it in the future.

Pro-active, calm, future-facing safety.