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Unlimited Support.  Amazing Response Times.  One Low Monthly Price.

WordPress Virtual Assistant: Website Support Whenever You Need it.

You have a business to run.   So why are you spending so much time uploading that pdf to your website?

Just send us that pdf, and *poof!* – Problem solved!

WordPress Virtual Assistant

Happy customers.

Joe Moravick

Ultimate Fit Golf, St. Paul, MN


From the first call Toby has been great to work with. As someone that knows very little about websites, Toby and his team walked me through the process and answered any questions I have had. They also suggest many things that would improve my site to make it stand out. Toby and his team really know their stuff. Most impressive is the quick response time and how friendly they are.”

Nov. 2018 via Verified Google Review

Ben Myre

Fresh Air Finishers, St. Paul, MN


From the get-go Toby has been very organized, prepared and easy to work with. He asked me a few questions to bring to our first meeting, so when we did meet we made the best use of our time.

I left feeling hopeful about our business situation. He has solutions for doing things RIGHT NOW (along with the help of Rene), and also for discovering the long term goals and plans.”

Nov. 2018 via Verified Google Review

No More WordPress Headaches

We take care of all tech related to posting your blogs – image embeds, links, headers, highlights, etc.

As your organization changes, you’ll need to update your “About Us”, “Team”, & “Contact” pages.  Let us do the work for you!

Google Search Console integration, Google Analytics integration.

Unlimited product pricing, image, etc. updates on your e-commerce store.

If it can be uploaded and linked inside a webpage, we can take care of it!

Things like page redirects, plugin configuration, hosting issues, etc.

Embed and link videos from YouTube & other major providers.

We’ll make sure you’re connected & synced up.

thumb_01_120_120“Toby is knowledgeable, professional and stands out as one of the best in his profession. I am so grateful to be working with him. I love the fact that he calls/emails me back the same day! :)”

“Toby is knowledgeable, professional and stands out as one of the best in his profession. I am so grateful to be working with him. I love the fact that he calls/emails me back the same day! :)”

Roseanne Levi
Owner, Tailored Decor & Bits

Solves Your Most Common Website Headaches.

Sometimes us small business owners just need a little tech help.

For example, we help interior designer extraordinaire, Roseanne Levi, grow her design business by posting her blogs on a bi-weekly basis.  We help public speaker and X-Games Champion, Matt Wilhelm, market his blog posts to social media.

If it’s a common website need, it’s probably included!

  • Unlimited phone & email support
  • Unlimited Image re-sizing & optimization for webpages & blog posts.
  • Unlimited adding new posts to your blog.
  • Unlimited adding new products to your e-commerce store.
  • Unlimited adding images to your web pages, blog posts, & digital products.
  • Unlimited updating pricing on your e-commerce products.
  • WordPress Training video library for your team.
  • WordPress Backups automated.
  • Google Search Console integration, Google Analytics integration.
  • Unlimited contact forms.
  • SEO Security  
  • Expert advice on WordPress plugins, themes, security, best-practices, etc.  Just email or call when you have quick questions.

Perfect For:

  • Small business owners who need regular website image, text, blog, or team page updates.
  • Marketers who need experienced WordPress hands.
  • Bloggers who need help with the technical side of WordPress.
  • Bloggers & small business owners who need a technical WordPress resource.
  • Bloggers who need someone to stitch together images and post blogs regularly.
  • Small business owners who need to make logo, style, and color updates to their website.

It’s Not a Good Fit for:


+ Image posted to an existing page.
+ Menu updated
+ Event page edited
+ Logo changed
+ Page copy changed
+ Updating Contact, About Us, & Team Pages.
+ Email Support

+ Image posted to an existing page.
+ Menu updated
+ Event page edited
+ Logo changed
+ Page copy changed+ Updating Contact, About Us, & Team Pages.
+ Adding New Blog Posts
+ Uploading & Adding PDFs, Powerpoints, Word Docs, Meeting Minutes, etc.
+ Adding Videos to Your Website
+ Pop-ups, Opt-ins & Contact Forms. Aweber, Mailchimp, etc.
+ E-Commerce Content Updates
+ Audience Analytics
+ Create Custom Landing Pages for Email Campaigns
+ Create Custom Event Pages
+ Integrations with most popular marketing services.
+ E-Course Delivery
+ Membership Sites
+ Calendar Integrations
+ Visitor Analytics Analysis
+ Phone Support
+ Website Security & Speed
+ Need something not listed?  Just ask.

+ Customized to your needs.

*All Unlimited Plans include a 1-time startup fee equal to the monthly amount.

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!

 Our WordPress Virtual Assistant Proven Process

  1. STEP 1: Email us when you need stuff done.
  2. STEP 2: We’ll do the work or reply quickly with follow-up questions.
  3. STEP 3: We email to let you know the work is complete.  It’s that simple.

You’ll deal with real people that you can call or email for clarification or ideas.

Every Customer Setup Includes:

  • Initial review of WordPress plugins, website speed, security analysis and recommendations by one of our senior-level WordPress developers ($300 value).
  • Backup of all files and database for extra security.
  • SEO analysis


We’ve been doing this in Minneapolis for over a decade, and we’ll be here for another decade!


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our service after the first month – and I do mean 100% – we’ll refund you 100% of your payment.  No questions asked.  No funny business.  Just a quick, painless refund.

We’ve been working with people like you in Minnesota (and beyond) for over a decade, and we aim to be in business for a decade+ more!

Learn more about our Unrivaled Guarantee.


Other Things We Can Help With For a Reasonable Fee:

  • SSL/HTTPS for speed & security (and because Google likes it)
  • Email
  • E-commerce Support.
  • Event Ticketing
  • Digital Consulting
  • Website customizations beyond our WordPress Virtual Assistant service
  • In-person 1-on-1 Digital Training & Support in Minneapolis
  • Online Training & Support anywhere
  • Website Security, Speed, & SEO maintenance.
  • Real-time backups.
  • Just ask.  🙂


Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about your WordPress Virtual Assistant membership.

Pricing starts at $99/mo., all-inclusive!  There is a 1-time ramp-up fee equal to your level of membership.  For example, if you sign up for our $99 service, your ramp-up fee will be $99, making your total first month cost $198 and each subsequent month $99.

If we are hosting your site, then yes.  Otherwise, it depends – just ask.  This is because some web hosts have protections to help with Validated Backups, some don’t. 

No.  Our proprietary, enterprise class Platinum WordPress Hosting is available as a separate add-on service.

Yes.  You own 100% all of the content you provide (assuming it was yours to begin with).  We don’t want to own and make no claim of ownership or copyright over any text, images, logo, files, etc. that you provide us.

Cancel any time.  Month-to-month.  You pay at the beginning of each month, which entitles you for services through the end of that month.  We ask that you give us 2 weeks notice when cancelling.

We aim to reply to all support requests within 1 business day.  Oftentimes, your website issue is resolved within minutes.  For bigger issues, we’ll add it to our dev calendar and give you an ETA.

We have experience with all sorts of web technologies and will support your quest to build a stronger business. Our focus is always on the technology & process side of marketing – helping you communicate your amazing message (not on the creation of said messaging).  If you have a question, ask.

 Yes, most of the time, we can help with installing and configuring popular plugins. 

There are cases where we do not support configuring plugins due to the technical expertise that some require.  If a high level of expertise is required, we might need to loop in one of our senior-level WordPress developers, and there might be an added cost. 

Either way, we’ll let you know before doing the work, and you will have the opportunity to weigh in on next steps.

We’ve been doing this for over a decade, and we’ve built expertise and operational efficiencies that help us deliver amazing service at a low price.

– Katie Powell, Minneapolis, MN via Google Verified Reviews

Still have questions? Send us a note!