WordPress Validated Backups & Updates


Is Your WordPress Backup Actually Valid?

You might be making nightly backups of your WordPress website using your web host, plugins, or 3rd-party services.

You confirm that the backups are in Dropbox or on your server or Google Drive or wherever.


But how do you know if those backups will actually be ready for action when you need them most (usually after your site is hacked)?

You’ll Find Out Your WordPress Backups Are Broken At the Worst Time

One thing is certain: You can bet that when you need your site backups most, you’ll learn they are broken.  You’ll be on vacation or in a big pitch meeting, and your website will go down.  Everyone’ll be scrambling, “Where’s the backup?!?!”

Regular Validated Backups & Updates Protect You From the Worst-Case Scenario

To help you out, I am sharing our entire proven process for protecting sites.

This is the actual proven process we use to keep all of our Website Amazing customers’ WordPress sites secure & up-to-date.

This process is continually-updated based on the ever-changing hosting & plugin landscape in WordPress.

Get Our WordPress Validated Backup & Update Checklist PDF:

Or just have us do it for you.

Can’t I Update WordPress Myself?

As you know, it’s technically simple to update WordPress software (just click the blue button – done!).  But this specific task regularly wreaks havoc, causes complete website meltdowns, or unexpected website behaviors (i.e. what we thought would require only a few minutes becomes a 10-hour task).  That’s why we include it in our Website Amazing tier of service, only.  It’s risky business!  I’m hopeful that a future version of WordPress will significantly-decrease the risk (It’s been promised!).
Sometimes your hosting company will offer a nightly backup service, which greatly-decreases the risk of running WordPress software updates (but doesn’t eliminate the risk completely).  

Stop Losing Customers When You Update WordPress

“I updated WordPress, and now my homepage is broken!” – actual email I received.

“I updated a WordPress plugin, and now every page on my website says, ‘Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.'” – actual email I received.

For all of WordPress’ superpowers, the dirty secret known by insiders is that simply updating your WordPress plugins and software can cause your entire website to disappear!

Updating WordPress Plugins Loses You Customers

I’ve seen it countless times where a simple plugin update that is recommended for security causes your entire website to go down.

This is 100% avoidable!

Our WordPress Security & SEO Security Proven Process has 100% eliminated this serious problem for our customers.

With us, you will never have to scramble to fix your broken website again.

Furthermore, if some action you take within WordPress somehow breaks your website, we will go into emergency mode to fix the wreckage!

It’s not your fault.

Poor technology design & poor tech support that causes all sorts of problems in your business.

Our contracts are built from the ground-up to encourage continuous collaboration and relationship-building.

We are incentivized to support you and your customers in ways that other web agencies are not.

Our Proven Process ensures you will never see one of these sale-killing messages again.