Nothing is more important to your digital marketing investment than securing your SEO.


Don’t Let Your SEO Be Hijacked

We’ve seen it time-and-again.

A business launches a new website to great fanfare only to see it hijacked by SEO spammers just a few months later.

Real-world example of SEO hijacked by Viagra spammers.

Google Will Blacklist You

Anyone whose website SEO has been hijacked will tell you the same story: “Google blacklisted us.”

You do not want to be on Google’s blacklist.

When you are on Google’s blacklist, your website disappears from search.  You are invisible to the world.

To get off of Google’s blacklist is a laborious process of:

  1. Clean up your hacked website.
  2. Fixing your website’s security holes.
  3. Working with Google to get off their blacklist.

As you might expect with a company of Google’s size, getting off their blacklist is done on their schedule.

And there’s no guarantee that they’ll even let you back into the search results!

A Slow Website Kills Your Google Rankings

Did you know Google will de-rank your business when your site is hacked, slow, or for a slew of other security & speed-related reasons?

Things that can cause your site to be de-ranked in Google include:

  • Website speed.
  • Time to checkout.
  • Server response times.
  • Image-loading speed.
  • Geographic location of your website files.
  • and more!

That’s why your website’s speed is so important!

Don’t Lose Leads Due to Your Site Being Hacked

You don’t want to be the one who has to explain to your boss why the business’ web leads are down.

Take this actual example of website traffic dropping after a hacked site:

Actual traffic drop of a site due to it getting hacked.

If your website isn’t serving your sales funnel, then you’ve got problems.

Our SEO Security Proven Process

  1. STEP 1: We run a free SEO Security analysis on your website.  You will receive a comprehensive report from us within 3 business days, detailing the current state of your website’s SEO security.
  2. STEP 2: We collaborate with you to secure your website’s SEO.
  3. STEP 3: We support you pro-actively and always with:
    SEO code optimization
    Quick turnarounds
    100% hack guarantee: If your site gets hacked we’ll fix it free of charge!
    Nightly restorable backups (If you break your site, no problem! We’ll activate our website time machine!)
    Website optimization for speed, security, and SEO
    Speedy website through our proprietary Platinum WordPress Hosting technology
    Monthly security & performance reports with actionable next steps.

Secure Validated Backups & Updates of WordPress software and related WordPress plugins.
Decades of website experience at your fingertips.

Learn how our SEO Security Proven Process helps your website SEO.

“Your Connection Is Not Private” Issues FIXED!

“Your connection is not private” error

Our technology proactively fixes the dreaded “Your connection is not private” error. Stop losing sleep – we’ve got this.

Unlimited Digital Breakthrough Phone Calls

Sometimes you need to explain a question over the phone.  We get it.

All of our memberships include Digital Breakthrough Phone Calls help you make important technology decisions.

For when a phone call is better.

Things you might ask or discuss in a Digital Breakthrough call include:

  • I have a list of 11 things I need done, and I’d like to discuss with you.
  • Should I use Paypal or Stripe to process payments?
  • What’s up with my contact form?  It’s not working properly.
  • Should I use Wix or WordPress?
  • How much traffic are we getting on our product page?
  • etc.

People Trust Us

Check out the reviews below and also see our Google Reviews.

John Hutchinson Care Counseling
John Hutchinson, Care Counseling

Historically, I have struggled with designers/developers who have over-promised and under-delivered.  Since starting with The Mighty Mo, I haven’t been stuck repeating requests or wondering what I’m paying for 😉  The team has added a wide variety of functionality, coached me on methods to efficiently achieve my goals, and even taught me how to make simple changes to my site.  They really won me over when they coached me into a competitive service because it was a better fit for my business.  At this point, I know I’m in great hands.

 Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your SEO Security Analysis when it is delivered – and I do mean 100% satisfied – we’ll promptly refund you 100% of your payment.  No questions asked.  No funny business.  Just a quick, painless refund.

We’ve been working with businesses like yours in Minnesota for over a decade, and we aim to be in business for a decade+ more!

Real Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it…check out the testimonials below and on Google Validated Reviews from some folks who have benefitted from Toby’s instruction and expertise:

john miller
John Miller, My Town Fitness

“Meeting with Toby was great. He took the time to understand what drove me and what my motivation was for my site. He helped relieve a lot of anxiety I had with my lack of experience by helping me simplify my process.” – John Miller, My Town Fitness, MN

“I was impressed that we were able to accomplish all the changes to my website that I wanted in such a short time!” – Bill Barrett, RTS Inc., MN

Glenn Stanley, Crosstown Insurance

“It’s nice to have a go-to resource, not just for basic site fixes, but for insight into function and vision as well!” – Glenn Stanley, Crosstown Insurance, MN

Every time I meet with Toby, I not only get my issues solved, but I go away with awesome new solutions to things I didn’t even know I needed.” – Mike Kamish, Airbrushed Headbands, MN

IMPORTANT: Still not convinced? Check out our recent Google Reviews!

Stop Hemorrhaging Customers Due to Poor SEO Security

All sorts of things can happen to ruin your valuable SEO over the life of your website.

Is your WordPress configuration costing you valuable leads?

Our SEO Security members are empowered to work on their businesses with the knowledge that our team is working pro-actively to secure their SEO behind-the-scenes.

It’s what we’re good at.  It’s what we love to do.

Our decades+ experience supporting small businesses and non-profits is the security you need.

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