1-on-1 WordPress Training

  • Learn WordPress using your website.
  • 100% custom training, 1-on-1 with a WordPress pro.
  • You choose the time & date.

Your Agenda

Our first step is collaborating on an agenda that works for you and your WordPress Pro.

We’ll focus on your exact needs and create a list of learnable things together.  Then when you meet up with your experienced WordPress pro, you’ll be empowered to crush your to-do list!


Themes, plugins, posts, pages, menus, hosting, etc.


With a decade+ of web design & development under her belt, your WordPress pro will advise you on trends and appropriate next steps for your website.


Utilizing industry-standard tools that are often FREE, your WordPress pro will get you to a place where you are knocking your marketing out of the park.


If needed, we can review available tools & integrations for email, marketing, etc. to get you going in the right direction.


With a wealth of experience at your fingertips, your WordPress pro will either train you up or do some basic layout editing & styling in collaboration with your needs.


With over a decade of WordPress experience, your Pro will be able to guide you to the next place, wherever that may be through technical and best-practices advice.

Meet When You Want.

Our online 1-on-1 WordPress trainings empower you to set your own schedule and location.  Once you are ready to go, we’ll collaborate to find a time that works great for you.

Learn by Doing

Not only will your WordPress Pro train you, we’ll provide you with a video screencast of our entire conversation!

You’ll never get a week out and think, “What was that thing we talked about???”  It’ll be right there, in video, available with a click.

Achieve your goals

All of our 1-on-1 WordPress Trainings allow you to set the goals.

You’ll craft the agenda, we’ll teach it.

From the first call Toby has been great to work with.

Toby and his team walked me through the process and answered any questions I have had. They also suggest many things that would improve my site to make it stand out. Toby and his team really know their stuff. Most impressive is how friendly they are.

Joe Moravick, UltimateFitGolf.com (Minneapolis, MN)

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