Tailored to your specific needs.  Crush your website to-do list – TODAY!

Our Proven Process ensures that your to-do list gets tackled in an effective manner.

FINALLY fix those things that have been driving you crazy about your website!

OR Take the next step towards building your first website!


About Our 1-on-1 WordPress Breakthrough Workshop

Our proven process for crushing your WordPress to-do list starts with a phone consultation.  We work with you to craft an agenda for our 1-on-1 workshop that is 100% tailored to your needs.  No stock video here – just helpful advice and action with a WordPress expert.

Once we have your to-do list created, we run your site through a battery of custom analyses that ensure that our to-do list is inline with high-level priorities on your website.

Then, we meet up.

During your 1-on-1 workshop with a bonafide WordPress expert, we will check to-dos off your list and also educate, train, and explore relevant topics together as needed.

Below are some things that have been accomplished during 1-on-1’s in the past:

  • Complete Website Redesign and Launch
  • Digital marketing strategy (Facebook, media, E-commerce)
  • Training (WordPress, Facebook, Google Adwords, SEO, etc.)
  • Better alignment of business outcomes with website functionality (i.e. how to convert your website visitors into actual customers/clients/etc.)
  • A/B Testing Training & Best-Practices
  • More clarity around business objectives and needed outcomes

You Define The Agenda

Our 1-on-1 WordPress Breakthrough Sessions are custom-tailored to your needs.  (This, alone, sets us apart from almost all of the competition.)


John Hutchinson Care Counseling

John Hutchinson, Care Counseling

Historically, I have struggled with designers/developers who have over-promised and under-delivered.  Since starting with The Mighty Mo, I haven’t been stuck repeating requests or wondering what I’m paying for 😉  The team has added a wide variety of functionality, coached me on methods to efficiently achieve my goals, and even taught me how to make simple changes to my site.  They really won me over when they coached me into a competitive service because it was a better fit for my business.  At this point, I know I’m in great hands.


With over a decade of WordPress training under his belt, WordPress guru extraordinaire, Toby Cryns, is the go-to resource in the Twin Cities for boutique WordPress consulting, training, and mentoring!  When he isn’t mentoring some of the top marketing professionals in the Twin Cities, he can be found building custom WordPress plugins, and teaching WordPress at venues and conferences around The Cities.



But don’t take our word for it…check out the testimonials below from some folks who have benefitted from Toby’s instruction and expertise:

john miller

John Miller, My Town Fitness

“Meeting with Toby was great. He took the time to understand what drove me and what my motivation was for my site. He helped relieve a lot of anxiety I had with my lack of experience by helping me simplify my process.” – John Miller, My Town Fitness, MN

“I was impressed that we were able to accomplish all the changes to my website that I wanted in such a short time!” – Bill Barrett, RTS Inc., MN


Glenn Stanley, Crosstown Insurance

“It’s nice to have a go-to resource, not just for basic site fixes, but for insight into function and vision as well!” – Glenn Stanley, Crosstown Insurance, MN

Every time I meet with Toby, I not only get my issues solved, but I go away with awesome new solutions to things I didn’t even know I needed.” – Mike Kamish, Airbrushed Headbands, MN


IMPORTANT: Still not convinced? Check out our recent Google Reviews!

Need a feature launched?

Need training to run your website?

Is something broken on your website?

Did you break your WordPress website the last time you updated it?

We will work with you to tackle whatever your top priorities are. Sit down with one of the most experienced WordPress developers in the world (and one hell of guy!), Toby Cryns, and prepare to impress your boss with your website progress. Gain the confidence you need to manage your website, and finally check off those website to-dos that have been driving you crazy!


STEP 1: 15-minute phone call (free)

STEP 2: Create list of to-dos and determine top priorities.  (features, training, design, info, Q&A, etc. etc. etc.)

STEP 3: Meet up at one of our office locations or yours to finally crush those top-priority website to-dos!

Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Call today to learn more: 612-293-8629

Or email our guy, Toby, at toby@themightymo.com

Learn more about Toby here.

Paula Degrand, GettingThingsSewn.com

Paula Degrand, GettingThingsSewn.com

I’m free to be as ambitious as I want, putting my creative energies toward what I do best and leaving the rest to Toby.” – Paula DeGrand, GettingThingsSewn.com

Next Step: Book Your 1-on-1 WordPress Breakthrough Workshop

The next step to get things rolling is to purchase a 1-on-1 WordPress Breakthrough Workshop below.  Once a workshop is purchased, we’ll schedule a time to meet up (usually a week or so out).

Still have questions?  Contact Toby.

  • Every 1-on-1 WordPress Breakthrough Session Includes Our Custom Detailed Analysis Of Your Website ($625 value):

    + Pre-Session Consultation ($150 value)
    + Pre-Session Technical Test ($75 value)
    + SEO Audit ($75 value)
    + Speed Audit ($75 value)
    + Security Audit ($50 value)
    + WordPress Audit ($75 value)
    + Follow-up Call ($75 value)
    + 24/7 “How To” WordPress Beginner Video Access for the duration of our engagement ($100/mo. value)
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