I joined a local hackathon last week to get a glimpse of what that scene is all about. The theme of that hackathon is “Bring your own idea that would benefit everyone”.

The Idea

Months ago, I was working with my brother on our personal project of adding hydrogen cell on my engine to see if I can save fuel and increase my car’s efficiency. From there, I came up with something where I could help the environment in using hydrogen plugin to an engine to reduce carbon emissions. I was looking into building a  community website where people can get resources in starting their own hydrogen project and collaborate with each other to share their experiences while building one and sharing the results, since I haven’t seen any website like that before.

The Outcome

So after 12 hours of programming & chatting with other dev folks, this is the website that we came up with.

Here is our team page HydroFy that we submitted during the hackathon.

And here is the list of all the projects that was submitted: http://www.hackathon.io/angelhack80/projects

The video demo of the hydrogen plugint hat that we prepared for the event:

My Takeaway

All I can conclude is it’s not about your idea but also on the ability on how you present that idea well to the public. So I congratulate the winners: Team Quotable, even though they have a simple app, (Chrome plugin that quickly quote texts & share them) they sure rocked the pitching part!

I admit that I’m not that good in pitching, so I’m looking forward to having the rest of the The Mighty Mo! team  join me the next time around!