I have been having fun with the command line the last couple of days.  Being a command line noob, I am starting to see why all my geeky friends love working in it.  I used to play around with BASIC back in the day, and the command line has a certain nostalgia about it in addition to being powerfully efficient in many ways.  On to the fun…

I have a rather large BuddyPress + WordPress Multi-site installation that BackupBuddy has been choking on.  All of my uploads total around 600MB, which is more than my server can zip up in one sitting.

So, I decided to try out the command line’s zip functionality, and it worked swimmingly!  Below are the steps I took to zip up my blogs.dir directory (the folder that has all my uploads in it).

Step 1: SSH into your website root via Terminal (on Mac) or your command line tool of choice.

Step 2: Navigate to the parent folder of the folder that you want to zip up using the “cd” command.

Step 3: Use the following command:   zip -r mynewfilename.zip foldertozip/   or   tar -pvczf BackUpDirectory.tar.gz /path/to/directory  for gzip compression
In my case, I typed zip -r blogs.dir.zip blogs.dir/ 

That’s it!