When migrating dns from GoDaddy to Cloudflare, it’s usually a few clicks and “done”. But every now and then, I’ve noticed that Cloudflare misses a record or two. In all cases, I recommend exporting from GoDaddy and importing into Cloudflare rather than relying on the default Cloudflare migration service, alone.

1. Download the GoDaddy DNS Export File

First, make sure you are in DoDaddy’s DNS Manager area. It’ll look like this:

GoDaddy’s DNS Manager

Then, scroll down and click the “Export Zone File (Unix)” link as shown below:

godaddy export dns records

2. Upload DNS Records to Cloudflare

Now go to your Cloudflare domain, and click on “DNS”->”Advanced”->”Import” as shown below:

import dns records into cloudflare

That’s it! Your DNS records are now in Cloudflare! Additionally, using this process, Cloudflare will let you know if it notices any weird things on the import as well!