Often when testing a website, I need to clear the server cache, cdn cache, and the browser cache. That’s 3 extra to-dos every time I need to test a feature, which is normally coupled with the scores of times I need to test said feature. This means that to get a feature to live state, I might need to clear 60 caches (3 x 20 code tweaks/pushes). Perhaps you work this way as well and feel burdened by this incessant cache-clearing.

how to disable browser cache in firefox dev tools

Well today I learned that there’s an option in all the major browsers’ dev tools to disable browser caching by default while the tools are open! This means that instead of 60 to-dos, I now have only 40 – not ideal but a 33% efficiency improvement. Nicholas Bering wrote a great article about how to disable browser caching in all the major browsers.

I hope this helps you out as much as it did me!

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