I use Gravity forms automations for all sorts of things.

One way these automations save me all sorts of hours and headaches is for on-boarding & off-boarding customers.

Plus, these Gravity Forms automations help my biz to deliver a professional message from the outset of our working relationship.  i.e. We appear more organized & trustworthy to the buyer.

Gravity Forms Automations for New Customer On-boarding

Whenever a new customer pays for one of our products for the first time, a number of things happen automatically:

  1. Their contact info is added to my CRM (Contactually) & Mailchimp.
  2. They are added to “Current Customers” group in Mailchimp.
  3. They start receiving my “ On-Boarding Automation” email marketing automations series in Mailchimp.
  4. They receive an email receipt via Gravity Forms.
  5. In 3 days, my support team receives an email via Zapier telling them to schedule a kick-off call with the customer. (I use the Gravity Forms Zapier addon for this.)
  6. They are set up in Stripe with a recurring subscription (if applicable), and their website & contact info is added to their Stripe customer meta.
  7. Our support channel in Slack gets a notification letting our team know that we on-boarded a new customer.
  8. I get a DM in Slack letting me know that their payment went through successfully.

And then I take care of some things manually:

  1. I mail them a personalized “Thank You” card + a Starbucks gift card.
  2. I add their info to my master accounting Google Docs spreadsheet, which keeps track of all recurring revenue in my biz.
  3. I update their tags in my CRM to “Current Customer” and add a comment that says “ purchased on ”.
  4. I add them to our monthly SEO Security Proven Process Gravity Form.
  5. I get full-page screengrabs from https://gtmetrix.com/, http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/, and https://www.freeseoreport.com/ as benchmarks and submit them along with the form for future reference.
  6. I create the install on the server (if applicable).
  7. Add them to MightyLucy (our custom time-tracking software)

Gravity Forms Automations for Off-boarding Customers

How customers leave you is almost as important as how they found you.

So I try to help them feel appreciated every step of the way out the door.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll work with them again in the future!

I have a Gravity Form that handles my customer off-boarding as well.  This helps ensure a helpful & professional experience as they leave.

When I submit the Customer Off-Boarding Gravity Form, a number of things happen automatically:

  1. They get an email saying that their service was cancelled.
  2. They are added to the “Former Customers” and “Former Customers” groups in Mailchimp.

And I do a number of things manually:

  1. I update my master accounting Google Docs spreadsheet.
  2. I mail them a card thanking them for their business + a Starbucks gift card.
  3. I remove them from our monthly SEO Security Proven Process Gravity Form.
  4. I log into Stripe and cancel their recurring subscription.


That’s it!

  1. Is this helpful?
  2. What automations do you have in place for new customer on-boarding & off-boarding?



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