A while back, I built and submitted a plugin to the WordPress repository that changes addresses into Google maps links.  I did not write the underlying javascript code that powers the conversion of the addresses.  All of the props for this functionality are owed to Mike Jasper.

Mike, I am sorry for not pointing out your contribution earlier.  My omission of a reference to your work was unintentional.  I hope that my track record on WordPress.org will help validate that I am usually way more forthcoming with “thanks” to people who make my life easier.  Sometimes good intentions aren’t enough.  I should have given you props from the outset.

I am seeking forgiveness from Mike and the world in the form of this blog post.

The WordPress.org plugin page now includes a copyright notice as well as a link to Mike’s website.

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  1. Mike Jasper on August 27, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    Thank you for the very gracious apology, which I accept.

    May your stack traces be short, and your bugs be few.