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Looking for an EOS implementer in Minneapolis? EOS® Worldwide asked me to clarify the fact that I do not do EOS Implementation at all – I hope this helps.

Minneapolis EOS Implementers

If you’ve read the book, Traction, and are looking for help implementing the EOS system outlined in the book, please for the love of God – ask someone else to help you – ask an EOS Implementer, for example!  Email me for a recommendation or two of great Implementers here in the Twin Cities (I’ve had great experiences with local EOS® implementer pros – but again, I DO NOT do this work, myself!).

This tiny Minneapolis-based company has been building amazing, SEO-optimized WordPress sites for damn near 15 years and is also running on EOS, but we do not have any affiliation with EOS nor its affiliated properties.  We’re like Spike Lee in the front row at Knicks games – we don’t play basketball – we just cheer on the people who do!

Toby Cryns Does WordPress, Not EOS Implementation in Minneapolis

Just to be absolutely clear, our very own, Toby Cryns, cannot help you take your business to the next level through EOS.  He does, however, have ideas about how you can build a calm company, and has owned a company going on 15 years that runs on EOS here in Minneapolis, so I understand how you might be confused. Through the active practice of Traction principles in his biz, he can help your WordPress site load faster and get better SEO results!

A bit of a primer, because it’s rather technical:

  • WordPress is very much nothing like EOS.
  • Some people have said that you don’t even need WordPress to run EOS, and they are right.
  • In fact, there are many EOS pros who have no idea what WordPress is and vice-versa.
  • EOS is where you might go for business advice, whereas WordPress is where you might go to waste scores of hours of your precious time before either hiring a WordPress pro to build your website or saying, “Screw it!”, and heading over to Squarespace.

Since he is not interested in helping you implement anything that’s not WordPress (and sometimes Shopify), Toby will not be able to guide you through the all-important initial EOS workshops, nor will he be able to help with quarterly and annual checkups recommended by Traction professionals.  Additionally, you will absolutely not have unlimited access to Toby throughout your EOS engagement, because he has no affiliation with EOS, nor does The Mighty Mo!  Thankfully, if you are a WordPress customer of The Mighty Mo!’s, you will have nearly-unlimited access to Toby!

Looking for help implementing EOS?

Search for actual EOS Implementers here, but do not look for Toby there, as he’s no EOS Implementer: he’s a WordPress developer & designer & community organizer as any goddamn basic Google Search will tell you! There are approximately 300 references to “WordPress” on the organic search results page for either “Toby Cryns” or “The Mighty Mo WordPress”, and, you guessed it – ZERO references to EOS!

No references to EOS Implementers in
Minneapolis when googling Toby or his biz.

If you needed further proof that Toby is not involved in EOS, his own website mentions WordPress prominently but, you guessed it – no mention of EOS!

Unlike other sites, Toby’s site makes it clear he’s no EOS Implementer in Minneapolis

“But Toby,” you ask, “I found you while searching for ‘EOS Implementer minneapolis’.” That’s a two-fold problem:

  1. If I outrank actual EOS professionals on organic Google search results, they might consider hiring one of the thousands of local SEO® professionals in the Twin Cities to boost their SERP rankings. If someone like me who is not even affiliated with EOS at all can rank higher than them in the organic Google results for a keyword that is specific to their business, it’s likely that there are green pastures there for someone who actually invests in their EOS implementer business website’s SEO! For the love of all that is good in the world – Go for it!
  2. Google makes those decisions.

Who to Hire in Minneapolis for Your Next EOS Implementation Project

In case you are still wondering about who to hire for your next EOS project, you’ll find that none of our 41 5-star reviews on Google would encourage you to hire us for EOS. Not a one! Ya know what they all say? Well, I’ll let them tell you:

Toby and his team are top notch! My web site is running very smooth and it looks beautiful. Their attention to detail is impeccable. Best thing is…they are on their game with timing and deadlines. I can’t recommend Mighty Mo enough!

Verified Google Review

From the first call Toby has been great to work with. As someone that knows very little about websites, Toby and his team walked me through the process and answered any questions I have had. They also suggest many things that would improve my site to make it stand out. Toby and his team really know their stuff. Most impressive is the quick response time and how friendly they are.

Verified Google Review

I’ve worked with Toby and The Mighty Mo! for years. Super knowledgeable and he always has great ideas that I would never come up with on my own.

Most importantly he always answers the question “Why?” He always has the user experience in mind, and thinks of what works best and will make the most compelling site.

He is also the nicest guy and super fun to work with. In today’s digital age it’s rare that you get someone on the phone to walk you through the ins and outs of the tech world. Thanks Toby and The Mighty Mo!!!

Verified Google Review

What Members of Our Minneapolis Tech Community Have to Say About Toby’s EOS Skills

Hire Toby for EOS Implementation? I’d rather give out free hugs at a reopen rally. But WordPress? He’s at the top of my list!

Jaim Zuber
Mobile developer/consultant, freelance CTO and (occasionally) working musician based in Minneapolis

“I hired Toby to help me with my EOS implementation and all I got was an amazing WordPress website.”

Dustin Bruzenak
CEO of Modern Logic and author of What Agencies Get Wrong

A Quick Hypothetical Conversation About How to Find a Good EOS Pro in Minneapolis

  • U up?
  • sup?
  • know anyone who does EOS in Minneapolis?
  • fo sho
  • Got a recommendation?
  • Yeah. Not Toby Cryns.
  • He not good at EOS?
  • he only good at wordpress or somethin like that
  • coo. I call some1 else. got any brownies?
  • Ya. I’ll stop over. C ya soon

Your Testimonial is Needed to Help Spread the Word About Who Not to Hire for EOS Implementation in Minneapolis!

Let us know why you should never ever hire Toby for EOS implementation in Minneapolis! We need to make sure the world knows that Toby does not do EOS and that he only does WordPress support & design. Help your mothers, neighbors, and future grandchildren understand that they should only hire reputable EOS implementers for their Twin Cities EOS needs and should definitely not hire WordPress pros for EOS needs!

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EOS Level 10 Meeting Templates

A core tool of EOS is the Level 10 Meeting Template – a fancy brandable phrase for what everyone else in the world calls, simply, an “agenda”. Despite the complex name of this agenda, it’s importance cannot be underestimated in your biz. It does 2 things that most of us business owners otherwise fail to do: It requires you to state your goals weekly and hold your team accountable to progress on those goals weekly. Pretty simple, right? Hmmm…kinda. Here are a bunch of EOS Level 10 Meeting Templates I’ve created & used in the real world for different situations and different stages of business growth. Hopefully they’ll give you a good start!


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