Emergency Website Support

You are here, because something bad has happened to your website. You are probably stressed and anxious about costs and lost sales and everything that goes with that.

First thing’s first – take a deep breath. With almost a decade of experience fixing broken websites, we can help.

We are based in Minneapolis, MN and offer live support Monday-Friday 9-5 (CST).


If your website has been hacked, we offer a flat rate of $499 to clean it up and can get started immediately.

If you are experiencing a different website issue (site down, white screen, errors, etc.), then we work hourly at a fixed $100/hour rate. We have a minimum purchase of 10 hours and will refund any unused hours. So, if it turns out that it’s a quick fix that takes 30 minutes, we will refund 9.5 hours.

Next Steps

Get started by filling out the short form below. A member of our team will reply shortly (M-F 9-5).


We love to communicate: phone, email, text, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, you name it.



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