free beginner wordpress video class by email

Learn WordPress by email with this free beginner course designed by The Mighty Mo! We’ll take you from your first login to your first plugin installation to your first e-commerce product. Delivered in quick 1-minute bursts straight to your inbox!

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WordPress Marketing Fundamentals Lunch & Learn in Downtown Minneapolis
“Should I auto-post my blogs to Twitter?”

“How do I let people subscribe to my blog updates via email?”

“How can I create an automated ‘drip’ email class using WordPress?”

“How do I get more sales from my website?”

“Should I redesign my website?”

“How much should I pay for a website redesign?”

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This is the simplest way I’ve found to speed up your WordPress site, make it more secure, and ALSO add some nice-to-have features in the process.

All with only a few clicks of the mouse on your existing WordPress site!

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I’ve made lots of mistakes as a business owner – we’re kind of out there in the wild figuring things out as we go. This one thing has had the biggest impact on my business in my 12+ years fighting the good fight. Let me know what you think. – Toby

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