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Shopify Bulk Delete Reviews

Shopify Bulk Delete Reviews

By default, you can only delete 20 reviews at a time in Shopify. But by adding “&limit=50” to the end of the reviews url, you can delete 50 reviews at a time! Ideally we’d be able to delete all Shopify reviews at once, but this little hack more...

Testimonial: Lume

Case Study: Lume Deodorant “The Mighty Mo has been a great addition to our team. Rene responds very quickly to requests and Toby asks great questions that challenge us to improve our site and business. Toby is a natural teacher – always explaining why and...

Testimonial: Matt Wilhelm

Case Study: Matt Wilhelm BMX I’ve worked with Toby and The Mighty Mo! for years. Super knowledgeable and he always has great ideas that I would never come up with on my own. Most importantly he always answers the question “Why?” He always has the...


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