BuddyPress Actions Debugging Cheatsheet

We recently needed to debug some BuddyPress actions for a plugin we were working on. Below is a cheatsheet that Alec created. Enjoy! //debug stuff – find hooks // function print_profile_update() { // echo ‘print_profile_update’; // } //...

bp-custom.php vs. functions.php

Up until today I did not know the difference between bp-custom.php and functions.php within a BuddyPress installation. It turns out that bp-custom.php is basically a functions file that is theme-independent. What that means is that if you have a function that you want...

More BuddyPress Conditional Tags

Today I needed to create a BuddyPress conditional statement but none of the “normal” conditional tags suited my needs. Specifically, I needed to determine whether or not a user was a group moderator or admin role. The boolean that helps determine that can...

BuddyPress Conditional Tags

Check out the slew of BuddyPress conditional tags!  Hooray! I discovered it today while trying to add a different and specific header to my BuddyPress Activation and Registration pages.


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