I’ve noticed that this site has been falling in the Google rankings recently, and I’ve been wondering if it’s because it’s slower than some other sites. Specifically, I’ve been wondering if switching to the fastest WordPress theme would increase my rankings in Google search results. Below we run some publicly-available tests to determine which WordPress theme is fastest – Buckle up, friends!

Does How Fast Your Website Loads Matter to Google?

Yes, Google is pushing your website down the rankings if it’s slow. That’s why I switched to TwentyNineteen for my personal blog. If you feel your WordPress site is loading slow or that your slow WordPress site is costing you sales, read on!

Which WordPress Theme is Fastest?

So that brings us to WordPress speed. Which WordPress theme will decrease load times most and make your site fastest? This site currently uses Divi theme, and I wanted to do as close to an apples-to-apples test as possible.* So for the results below, I simple activated Divi Builder plugin and switched to TwentyNineteen, TwentyTwenty, GeneratePress, Beaver Builder, and Divi respectively. For tools I used the publicly available Google Pagespeed Insights & Pingdom.


I won’t make you wait any longer – Based on my WordPress theme speed test results documented below:

  • If speed is your #1 goal, then I wholeheartedly recommend either TwentyNineteen or Beaver Builder themes for super fast load times.
  • If beautiful design or ease-of-use is your #1 goal, go with Divi and don’t look back.

WordPress Themes Ranked by Google Pagespeed Insights’ Mobile Performance Grade:

  1. Beaver Builder (60)
  2. GeneratePress (52)
  3. TwentyNineteen (44)
  4. TwentyTwenty (40)
  5. Divi (36)

WordPress Themes Ranked by Load Time:

  1. TwentyNineteen (890ms)
  2. Beaver Builder (1.54s)
  3. TwentyTwenty (1.88s)
  4. GeneratePress (2.67s)
  5. Divi (3.46s)

WordPress Themes Ranked by Page Size:

  1. TwentyNineteen (579k)
  2. TwentyTwenty (596k)
  3. GeneratePress (657k)
  4. Beaver Builder (730k)
  5. Divi (1.1mb)

WordPress Themes Ranked by Requests:

  1. TwentyTwenty (44)
  2. TwentyNineteen (45)
  3. GeneratePress (48)
  4. Beaver Builder (49)
  5. Divi (76)

TwentyNineteen WordPress Theme is Fast!

TwentyTwenty Theme is Medium Speed

GeneratePress Is Fast!

Divi Theme is Slow!

No surprise here – Divi is a fully-functioning builder, and it’s fantastic at creating beautiful designs. Alas, it’s kind of a beast on the slowing-down-your-site end of things.

Beaver Builder is Fast!


  • Speed tests like this are open to interpretation and are influenced by many variables. For example, this test did not take dynamic image widths into consideration, which likely significantly lowered my Divi theme scores (e.g. I have beautiful full-width images with Divi theme, whereas TwentyNineteen loads much smaller versions on Desktop).
  • Sometimes switching themes is a complex beast of a project (e.g. themightymo.com) and sometimes not (e.g. tobycryns.com).
  • I’d love to hear your personal results with each theme as well as let me know which WordPress theme you think is fastest!
  • I tried to get a Strattic clone up-and-running but failed on multiple attempts.


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