Redirect plugins don’t work consistently on WP Engine.

99% of the time I need to do a simple 301 redirect pointing page X to page Y.  Here’s how to do it.

  1. Log into my.wpengine.com.
  2. Click your install.
  3. Click “Redirect Rules”
  4. Click “New Redirect Rule”
  5. In the “Redirect Name” field, type whatever you’d like.  Make it something you’ll recognize like, “/old-page/ to /new-page/”
  6. In the “Source” field, copy and paste the following, but make sure and replace “old-page” with your new page’s slug: ^/info/?$
  7. In the “Destination” field, put the entire url of the new page.
  8. Click “Save”, and you’re done! 

See screengrab below.

At WP Engine we use a server setup that utilizes the Nginx platform as well as Apache. What this means is that you’ll want to setup all of your redirects in your User Portal instead of other ways such as using the .htaccess file or using plugins (because these are handled on the Apache level).

WP Engine Server Redirects documentation


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