It is possible that I am the only guy who will not be blowing smoke up your a$$ about The Nerdery’s Overnight Website Challenge 2013.  But I am going to say it – I am getting too old for this!!!

There.  I said it.

While my wife was at home with a bad back, I rolled these old bones out one more time for the 24-hour website-building marathon that happens once per year in St. Paul, MN.

My 1.5 year old was sick.  And to be honest, I haven’t been sleeping well either.

Thankfully, The Nerdery provided all sorts of amenities that make the event enjoyable despite the sacrifices to work and family – petting zoo, boxing ring, Izzy’s ice cream, cheerleaders, bad jokes told by U.S. Senators, popcorn, reflexology, back massage, etc.

I suppose the only problem I had with the event was the 24-hour part.  🙂

But seriously folks, it was an awesome night spent with some awesome people.  I got to know a group of 9 people better than I ever could have otherwise.  Plus, we will soon be helping Motorcycle Dial-a-Ride get their new website off the ground, which will hopefully open new doors for them.

Ron and Will from Motorcycle Dial-a-Ride were a blast to work with, as was the rest of my team.

I only wish Josh was more jolly at 5 a.m. (hahahah!)

Thanks to everybody who put this thing together and to my teammates who made it awesome.

See you next year?


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