LowRize WordPress CRM Plugin screenshots

This is what the plugin looks like with my soon-to-be-released custom theme

A couple of years ago, I built a WordPress CRM theme to manage my contacts. It has worked wonderfully for me.

I considered submitting it to the WP.org theme repository, but, as a general principle, I dislike theme solutions to functionality problems. So, I decided to abstract the CRM functionality into a plugin instead.

The plugin is called Lowrize, and it does only what I need it to do –  it keep tabs on who I speak with and when I spoke with or emailed them.  That is it.


  • Google Maps address linking
  • Gravatar display for contacts
  • Leave multiple replies on each contact
  • Works with ANY WordPress theme
  • Multiple user reply-tracking
  • GPL and freely-available
  • FREE!
  • Smart reminders (coming soon)
  • Analytics (coming soon)
  • Action Hooks (coming soon)
  • Documentation (coming soon)
  • API (coming not-so-soon)

So, how does it compare to the fancy SAS options out there?  It is cleaner, meaner, and works with any WordPress site.  It is a GPL plugin that you can extend to your heart’s content (Please let me know when you develop a neat feature!).  What more could you want?!?  😉

Download & Screenshot

I need to clean up the code quite a bit before I submit it to the WP.org plugin repository, so please download it, give it a test drive, kick the tires, and submit code patches/upgrades via my contact form.  Expect a patch update every week for the next month or so.

Also, I have no documentation yet, so expect that soon.

NOTE:  To view a listing of all your contacts, point your browser to the following url: http://yourdomain.com/?post_type=nh_contact

DOWNLOAD LowRize CRM Plugin for WordPress

On a side note, I have a theme in the works that I plan to release as a companion to Lowrize so that I can provide a better user experience (see screenshot above).  More on that later…

p.s. Adrienne Peirce gets a grand shout out here for providing all sorts of inspiration and guidance on this project.


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