Progress has been steady on our new WordPress calendar plugin.

Tonight I packaged a simple list widget with the plugin and have it running in the sidebar on MSP WordPress.

The admin interface is looking pretty sweet.

Adie and I have decided to make this the easiest-to-use calendar plugin ever. It is going to be so easy to use that you will wonder why nobody did it before – at least that is our goal.

Our design strategy is one of minimalism with a robust API. So, out-of-the-box it will have very few features, however, plugin developers will have lots of fun adding features via hooks and filters.  We recognize that some people want an event plugin that does all sorts of crazy things out of the box.  There are already a number of plugins that cater to that crowd, and we feel that in addressing all sorts of random functionality, those plugins have sacrificed design and usability.

We have a solid wireframe and a working prototype. We are meeting on Friday to (hopefully) finalize a name for the product, and then we expect the next step will be a first design iteration with an actual artist.

Last Friday we met and came up with 100 possible names, before winnowing that list down to 15 of our favorites.

Fun times!


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