This is a teaser for an article we are writing for a highly-visible WordPress blog about why we do not use WordPress theme frameworks anymore.  We want to hear your thoughts before we finish the article.

We have built hundreds of custom WordPress sites over the past five years, many of which have used different theme frameworks (Hybrid, Genesis, and Thesis to name a few).   Overall, our experience with theme frameworks has been poor.

The general gist is that theme frameworks are great for people who know nothing-to-little about code, but they can make life hell for developers.  I am not saying that theme frameworks ALWAYS make life hell for developers – they don’t.  But they don’t help.

The theme frameworks themselves are not necessarily to blame.  Rather it is the inconsistent way that they are coded – example, the hook to edit something in Thesis works differently from the similar hook in Genesis.

If there was a consistent model across frameworks, I wouldn’t be so upset.  But there isn’t.  It’s the wild wild west out there.

We have a hundred other reasons for deciding to forego the use of frameworks that we will be outlining in our forthcoming article.  Until then, I am wondering what you think.

  • Do you use a framework?
  • What is your coding skill level?
  • What are the good things and the bad things about frameworks that you have experienced?
  • What has your overall experience with frameworks been?
Perhaps you will influence our article.  Perhaps not.  🙂



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