I was playing around with jQuery UI and WordPress over the weekend and built this simple, accordion child theme of TwentyTen.  Of course, I also maintain “The Mighty Moo!“, a custom accordion WordPress theme.

The theme, called “The Mighty Accordion“, and it is awesomely simple and elegant.  It does not add any styles and instead relies completely on the TwentyTen default styles.  It really only does a couple of things:

  • Provides and loads the jQuery UI plugin
  • Adds a couple of divs to index.php and loop.php (so that jQuery UI can target the proper divs)
  • Adds a simple script to activate the accordion


Download “The Mighty Accordion” for free!


Just download the file (above) and then go to “Appearance” in the WordPress admin and upload & install The Mighty Accordion TwentyTen theme


This theme has not been extensively tested and should not be used on any live website.  There are likely some issues with this theme, and it is being provided “as-is”.  Please let me know if you would like me to do some custom WordPress development on this theme.


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