Let’s just say my pants have been struggling to keep up with my width. I need to start looking at my diet.

So, I thought this would be a great time to utilize custom post types from within a WordPress theme.  The goal would be to create a theme that tracks:

  • Foods that I eat + calories contained in each food item (i.e. apple = 110 calories)
  • Categories of food that I eat (i.e. sweets, breads, grains, dairy, etc.)
  • Daily caloric intake (i.e. “1095 calories eaten today”)
  • Qualitative feedback about whether or not I met my caloric goals (i.e. I burned 27 more calories than I took in today!  That is good.)

I could create a custom post type called “Daily Calorie Tracker”.  Each day, I would create a “Daily Calorie Tracker” post that would have:

  • custom fields for “type of food” (i.e. apple) with a value of the calories in that type of food (i.e. “110”)
  • custom fields for the category that each food item is in (i.e. fruit)
  • daily caloric intake goal (i.e. 2000 calories)

Using PHP, I would then display the results of my day’s caloric intake on the front end of the website as well as suggestions for improvement.

Using Heavy Analytics, I would then track how I am doing against my goals.  Am I doing good?  Do I need improvement? etc.

That’s my idea for the night.  What do you think?  Any suggestions on how I can streamline this?  Did I miss anything?


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