UPDATE: This page will no longer be updated.  Instead, please visit the Hardly Neutral WordPress plugins page.

Eric Johnson did all of the coding and deserves all of the credit for these three great plugins!  I commissioned them for a project and am posting them here with Eric’s permission.  As an FYI, these are all open-source, and Eric plans on placing them into the BuddyPress plugin repository in the near future.

  • Custom Groups Name (download)
    Activate this plugin, and you will find that your “groups” turn into “communities”.   This plugin doesn’t do anything more than switch the words.
  • Group Authors Widget (download)
    This widget will display the members of any group with little avatars that link to the members’ respective profile pages.
  • Group Registration (download)
    This plugin gives new members the ability to join groups from the registration screen.  Pretty nifty, eh?!

Please add comments here if you find any bugs or if you have any suggestions.

If you find these plugins useful, please contribute back to the WordPress community.



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