Today I started my first significant BuddyPress undertaking – a conversion of an existing WordPress theme into a BuddyPress theme. I had previously spent a good number of hours picking apart existing BuddyPress themes and creating child themes from the default BuddyPress parent theme framework.

The first question I addressed was whether or not to utilize the default BuddyPress parent theme framework. After considering my options, I decided that using the parent theme will be best due to the fact that it will make upgrading easier than if I used a totally customized theme.

Basically, I have to re-create the existing theme from scratch using the BuddyPress parent theme framework. This isn’t a big deal, but it does take time. Recreating the drop-down menu has thus far taken up most of my time. For some reason, my CSS isn’t working properly, and sub-menu items are not aligning properly…grrr…. Of course, this is par for the course with website design…and a large reason why people are willing to pay me to build websites. ūüôā

One great thing about using the BuddyPress parent theme framework is that I don’t need to re-create the wheel when it comes to the BuddyPress profile pages. This could be a big headache if I was starting from scratch with a custom theme, but for now it’s looking pretty manageable.

So far, one day into this project, I am feeling pretty good about where things stand. I have learned a lot about how theming works in BuddyPress, and I have a solid core built (I hope!). I’ll share more as this adventure continues!


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