Okay. The custom taxonomy feature has existed for over a year now, where it has pretty much lingered like a stinky sweatsock in my high school gym locker. I haven’t touched it, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t moldy. BUT in comes WordPress 2.8 like a giant locker-cleaning-machine to freshen this taxonomy thing up again!

As of Wednesday, we now have a sweet little hook that will let us make real use of custom taxonomies in our posts. What does this mean? No longer do we need to use pesky custom fields to add meta data to our posts. Basically, the new custom taxonomy stuff in WordPress 2.8 allows us to add easily-sortable (read: clickable) meta data to our posts – a.k.a. tags on steroids.

Oh! And to make things simpler, use this plugin and NEVER edit the functions.php file!


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